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Welding mask of eye and face guards 3/3

Welding mask of eye-Welding goggles and safety glasses

    Welding goggles can be used for welding auxiliary work or gas welding where there is little ULTRAVIOLET radiation, but there is strong light, infrared radiation, and less splashing. They only provide protection for welders’ eyes, and must not be used beyond the limited scope.Goggles should be kept clean, for personal use, and cleaned frequently to avoid infection or transmission of eye  disease.

     Welding goggles must meet the optical and non-optical performance requirements of GB/T3609.1.Welding goggles can not be used in arc welding and other welding operations with strong ultraviolet radiation and hot particles splashing.

    Safety goggles for ocular shock protection and radiation protection, operators must be at least full-time when polishing operations use safety goggles, for people with myopia or hyperopia, all operators who are visually impaired, can choose the prescription safety glasses or outside the normal prescription glasses to wear a pair of can be used with prescription glasses safety protective glasses or goggles: but impactIf the kinetic energy is high, wear protective glasses when using a protective face screen.Ordinary prescription glasses should not be used as protective glasses.The large-scale use of prescription safety glasses in a well-known foreign automobile company shows that prescription safety glasses can not bring convenience and safety to employees, but also reduce the safety risk of the enterprise.

Welding goggles
Welding goggles
safety glasses
Safety glasses
Prescription safety glasses
Prescription safety glasses

Welding mask of eye-Use of welding mask

  • According to the amount of welding work, welding quality control requirements and operating environment, hand-held or head-mounted welding mask is selected.For situations where there is no special welding qualit requirement or welding work is very small, ordinary hand-held welding mask can meet the basic requirements.However, head-mounted welding mask has better convenience for large amount of work, high requirements for welding quality, narrow space for welding, or manual operation.
  •  According to the requirements of welding process quality and welding efficiency, as well as to reduce the labor intensity of welders, consider using automatic light changing welding mask or black glass welding mask.Black glass welding mask is more suitable for common welding parts without special process requirements, or the welding quantity is not large and the welding efficiency is not strict because of blind welding and frequent moving of welding mask.
  • Air supply welding mask or non-air supply welding mask should be considered according to the welding process, the amount of dust, the properties of welding dust, the operating environment and the welder’s requirements for comfort.Air supply welding mask is more suitable for the welding operation environment with large amount of dust, high harm of dust and high ambient temperature. In limited space, container repair welding and other environmental conditions, long tube air supply welding mask will be a more appropriate choice.

  • Check the integrity of welding mask according to the requirements of the manual before each use, and replace the damaged parts in time;Clean welding mask regularly to keep it hygienic;Store welding mask according to instructions.


    On the basis of the above, be sure to try the selected welding mask and adjust it to the appropriate condition according to personal characteristics.The mask must be comfortable to wear. Only a comfortable mask can be worn by welders for a long time, and only worn during the whole operation can provide adequate protection.In addition, the operation and maintenance of the welding mask must be simple, so as to minimize the welder’s misoperation.

     After selecting the form and filter type of welding mask, according to the requirements of welding process and the individual needs of the operator, select the shading of the black glass filter suitable for the current welding process, or set the corresponding shading number of automatic light changing welding mask;In the selection of shading number should consider the characteristics of the operating environment, and the individual differences of welders and other factors.

     The filter with larger shading number can also be combined with 2 filters with smaller shading number, which have the same effect.The combined shading number can be calculated according to the following formula: N=(N1 +n2)-1, where N is the combined shading number,n1 and n2 are the shading numbers of the two combined filters respectively.

Filter shading number selection
Filter shading number selection