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Tweco Contact Tip 16S45 Contact Tip .045″-1, 2mm 11601104

Tweco Contact Tip
Tweco Contact Tip

Description Of Tweco Contact Tip 16S45 Contact Tip .045″-1, 2mm 11601104


  • Increase productivity with longer life front end consumables using Tweco Spray Master MIG gun series with Eliminator front end consumables. Combined with all the advantages of the Spray Master, this new line of MIG guns helps the shop floor lower usage cost with improved operator appeal. With over 40 plus years of experience delivering dependable and durable MIG welding consumables for light to heavy metal fabrication.

For MIG Gun Model

MS310-116; MS310M-116; MS312-116; MS312L-116; MS312M-116; MS315-116; MS315-116DSRS; MS315-116EL; MS315-116K4; MS315L-116; MS315L-116EL; MS315L-116K4; MS315M-116; MS315M-116EL; MS315M-116K4; MS315X-116; MS325M-116; MS410-116; MS410L-116; MS410M-116; MS410X-116; MS412-116; MS412M-116; MS412X-116; MS415-116; MS415-116EL; MS415-116K4; MS415-116LM; MS415L-116; MS415L-116DSRS; MS415L-116K4; MS415L-116LC; MS415L-116LM; MS415M-116; MS415M-116DSRS; MS415M-116K4; MS415M-116LC; MS415M-116LM; MS415X-116; MS420-116; MS420M-116; MS425-116; MS425L-116; MS425M-116

Package includes:

5pc/bag or 10pc/bag or 25pc/bag or Customized

Tweco Contact Tip 16S45 Contact Tip .045″-1, 2mm 11601104 Product Details

Tweco Contact Tip
Tweco Contact Tip
Tweco Contact Tip
Tweco Contact Tip

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