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Plasma torch Low frequency plasma cutting gun ERGOCUT NS105

plasma torch S105
Plasma torch NS105

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Description Of Plasma torch Low frequency plasma cutting gun ERGOCUT NS105

Plasma torch Low frequency plasma cutting gun ERGOCUT S105

 ERGOCUT S is the plasma cutting torch that wrote the history of products trafimet style. Completely renovated in the design, this line of torches was recently the object of a functional restyling which resulted in: the creation of the new control system “switch safety”, which allows to operate the torch by simply pulling the trigger; the designing of a new handle which, thanks to the weights redistribution, makes the cutting easier and increases the quality of the result.

The range of use of S torches is from 20 to 200 ampere and is able to meet all the operational requirements of the operators who use plasma systems without HF.

All torches from the S series trafimet style are available with the following connections:

– direct 1/4G connections

– centralized: Compatible with the most popular generators on the market;

– customized in the connections: According to the client’s specific requests;

centralized plasma centralized connection designed by trafimet style;

– customized: In the connections: According to the client’s specific requests.


The plasma cutting torch S is equipped with a coaxial cable designed to guarantee greater durability.

The new concept of coaxial cable allows you to obtain a colder cutting air, which allows you to generate a denser plasma with better cutting performance.

Plasma torches with air striking, without high frequency.

the new range of compressed air plasma torches with striking of the pilot arc without high frequency.

The considerable advantages such as:

-Less electromagnetic disturbance, with consequent absence of problems for any electronic, radio, television, telephone and computer systems in the vicinity of the cutting positions

-Greater simplicity in the design and production of generators for plasma cutting

-Less electric stress on the torch-and on the respective connecting cables-due to the absence of the high voltage necessary for striking the arc

-Greater simplicity in comparison with other torches(without high frequency)on the market, with a consequent decrease of the risks of jamming in the mechanical-pneumatic movement for striking the arc subject to wear(electrodes, tips, nozzles, diffusers etc. )thanks to the better cooling of the torch obtained by reducing the insulating thicknesses(without endangering the safety parameters)

-A striking new design, together with an improved ergonomic handle, makes use of the torch easier and more relaxing

-A mechanical lever fitted to the trigger for user safety. these torches some of the safest and most reliable on the market.

-CNC machined consumables part and aeropace polymers.

-Terminations are offered in a “direct to machine”or central connector configuration.

-spiral design helps support the cable and offer great all day comfort use.

Product Details

plasma torch S105
plasma torch
plasma torch
plasma torch central adapter

Plasma torch Low frequency plasma cutting gun ERGOCUT NS105-breakdown view

Plasma torch
plasma torch central adapter
Plasma torch
plasma torch

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