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Knowledge about welding torches

1. The welding torch is one of the main pieces of equipment for hot air welding.

It consists of heating elements, nozzle, etc. According to its structure, there are gas welding guns, electric welding guns and fast welding guns, automatic welding guns. A gas welding gun is used to burn combustible gas (hydrogen or acetylene and air mixture) to heat the snake tube so that the compressed air sent into the snake tube is heated to the required temperature. The amount of air fed in or out is adjusted by a rotary plug. The heating device of the welding torch is composed of a ceramic groove tube and an electric heating wire it. The speed of welding can vary with the nozzle structure. The fast welding gun is made by improving the structure of the welding gun nozzle.

2. The torch is used to clamp the stud, lift the stud (to ignite the arc), depress the stud, and transmit the welding current.

The welding gun attachment also has a support frame to ensure that the stud is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece, and when the diameter of the stud changes, it is necessary to replace the corresponding diameter of the stud chuck and adjust the extension length of the connecting rod between the support frame and the body of the welding gun to adapt to different lengths of studs. The action of the welding gun to lift and press down the electrode (stud) is done by three main components: electromagnetic coil, iron core, and spring. 

3. The welding torch used for auxiliary gas shielded flux cored wire arc welding is similar to that used for melting electrode gas shielded arc welding.

There are a variety of specifications, ratings, and styles for automatic and semi-automatic welding torches, air-cooled and water-cooled. Although the shielding gas is cool to the torch when it passes through the torch, the air-cooled torch relies on the heat emitted in the surrounding air for cooling. The torch is selected mainly according to the welding current and the shielding gas used. If the current is 500 A or more, generally use the water-cooled torch. When the welding current used is less than 500 amps, some welders still prefer to use water-cooled torches.

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